NHM orders Zigitza co to get 108 employees’ joining

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 May 2017 11:41:10

Staff Reporter,

WHEN 24 hours ultimatum was given by Labour Department to Zigitza Health Care Company to get unconditional joining of 108 Ambulance employees strike ended, the company officers met with National Health Mission (NHM) officers, on Tuesday. There are around 3,000 108 Ambulance employees who were on strike in support of their genuine demands.

Government and Health Care Company accepted their demands but now not getting their joining. The employees are getting allowed to join only if they fill up the agreement that was protested by the employees.Sources informed that, the NHM officers advised Zigitza Health Care Company to accept 108 Ambulance employees’ joining unconditionally as per orders of Labour Department. Secondly, the mission has asked ambulance employees to join their duties.

The joining issue of 108 Ambulance employees was discussed. Before this, meeting of the company officers with NHM officers, as per orders from the Labour Department, a delegation of 108 Ambulance employees approached the company officers to discuss about striking employees joining.

Nitendra Mishra, a State General Secretary of 108 Ambulance employees Union said when the Union delegation went to meet company officers on employees’ joining issue, they told us that they would meet to National Health Mission officers and will decide whether the striking employees’ joining should be accepted unconditionally. When contacted Director of National Health Mission, V Kiran Gopal, said, “the Zigitza Health Care Company officers had meeting with him. I have advised them to get unconditional joining of 108 Ambulance employees,” he said.