NRHA concerned over pathetic condition of hospitality sector after SC ruling

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 May 2017 09:34:27

Business Bureau,

A delegation of Nagpur Residential Hotels Association (NRHA) led by its Vice- President Inderjeet Singh Baweja welcomed new NMC Chief Ashwin Mudgal by presenting bouquet.

Inderjeet Singh Baweja while welcoming Municipal Commissioner to Orange City said, “We believe administration of Nagpur Municipal Corporation will improve further under your able guidance.”

NRHA apprised Municipal Commissioner that several members were facing major crisis due to judgment passed by Supreme Court to ban sale of liquor on National & State highways as well as up to a distance of 500 meters within the outer edge of such roads, which had severely affected establishments of region, whereby almost 70 to 80 per cent of these establishments like clubs, bar and restaurants in hotels including star category hotels, stand alone bar and restaurants and wine shops were affected.

According to NRHA, almost 944 well-established of above referred business houses in Nagpur have either recorded zero business (in case of wine shops) and others have witnessed drop of business by 70-80 per cent in last 6 weeks. “This resulted in immediate drop in manpower whereby almost 30,000 directly indirectly connected families are now almost jobless,” said NRHA secretary Tejinder Singh Renu. “While in desperate need of premises inside 500 meters of such highways, the businessmen are compelled to enter residential colonies, thereby threatening peace and harmony of such areas of the city.

Moreover, on closure of legal trade, bootleggers and illegal market have started mushrooming to cater required demand of the region. But since our city is blessed by effective Ring Road network whereby vehicles travelling on highway doesn’t enter city as they are bound to take Ring Road and bypass city,” he noted.

Renu further said, “Under such circumstances, we can surely assume that establishments within the city limits are under stress and which is also not serving the purpose as within city, requisite buyer travelling another 500-600 meters is absolutely no problem, while present position has given situation of partiality, whereby majority of traders have become idle and few are making profits in manifolds.”

NRHA has requested State Government, Public Works Department and NMC to find some solution as already done by many states.

Commissioner Ashwin Mudgal informed NRHA that he was aware of the judgment’s consequences and he believed that some solution would soon be arrived at. Also present in NRHA delegation were Deepak Khurana and Harmanjeet Singh Baweja.