Narmada Seva Yatra welcomed with fanfare in Basantpur

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 May 2017 11:29:46

Our Correspondent,


“Namami Devi Narmade” Seva Yatra reached Basantpur village of Pushparajgarh tehsil in Anuppur district. Former MLA Sudama Singh Singram welcomed the yatra. Scores of tribal women carrying kalash and deepak took part in the Kalash Yatra. A few local villagers had come to join the yatra in the attire of Narsingh Avtar, Bhagwan Shankar and rishi-munis. Besides villagers of Basantpur enjoyed the Duldul Ghodi dance during the welcome of the yatra. The Yatra was traditionally welcomed by villagers at Benibari, Dubsara and Kanchanpur village. Villagers presented an attractive tribal folk dance in their traditional attire.

Former MLA Singh said that the purification of Narmada is our collective responsibility.
There is ample power supply in state owing to the water of Maa Narmada. Sufficient quantity of Narmada river water is being obtained for drinking purpose and irrigation of fields in more than half the area of the state.

This is why Narmada is known as lifeline of Madhya Pradesh.
He said that Narmada is not only a river but is a life-giver for all of us. We should also resolve not to dirty the Narmada banks, not to put polythene and filth in the river and to plant saplings around the banks of Narmada.

He said that crores of saplings will be planted simultaneously on July 2. Everyone must take part in this programme enthusiastically. He administered the resolve to the villages present during the programme for deaddiction, water conservation and Beti Bachao.