Research papers of MPPTCL engineers highly appreciated in Intl Transformer Seminar

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 May 2017 11:07:41

Staff Reporter,

The research papers of engineers of Madhya Pradesh Power Transmission Company Limited (MPPTCL) were highly appreciated in the International Transformer Seminar.

The technology of transformers capacity augmentation and work plan through the filtration and reconditioning would be embraced by other power sectors also. The Chief Engineer (CE) (Testing and Communication) DC Jain and retired CE K K Murty’s research papers on Reconditioning of the Old Transformer in Madhya Pradesh Power Transmission System was appreciated in the 14th International Seminar conducted at New Delhi. This research paper was presented by Executive Engineer (EE) of MPPTCL’s testing division R K Agrawal.

The capacity of transformers would be augmented after the filtration and reconditioning. It may be mentioned that working age of the power transformers is 25 years by union ministry.

Number of such transformers as have served for 20 years is above 35 percent (a total 75), due to which CE DC Jain of testing and communication wing paid personal attention to the problem and got the oil filtration and reconditioning conducted. This initiative taken by engineers not only augmented the capacities of transformers but also prevented from possible losses.

The MPPTCL’s field engineers and technical employess got the repairing of the 160 MVA capacity transformer conducted without taking help of manufacturer company by showing their skill at 220 KV sub station Neemuch, after sudden tripping of transformer. The repairing was done within two months only on the spot. What is more important is that the that transformer was manufactured in year 1001 and its manufacturer company has already been closed 15 years back. Presently, transformer of sub station is working with full capacity.

The other power sectors too, would embrace the work plan of MPPTCL as MPTCL has presented an example by getting the filtration of many ‘On line Load Transformers’ completed. Many other power sectors have expressed willingness to embrace it. It may be mentioned that the filtration is done in this process without switching off transformer. It has proved significant in Madhya Pradesh and many transformers have been saved from replacement.