Hundreds take holy dip on Vaishakh Poornima

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 May 2017 12:36:28

Staff Reporter,

devotees chanting slogans, offering prayers, taking holy dip in sacred Narmada at Ghats, boating, purchasing at make-shift shops, whirling twirling of swings, presented awe-inspiring panorama at ghats of holy Narmada on Vaishakh Poornima.

All important Ghats of holy river Gwarighat, Kharighat, Jilaharighat, Tilwaraghat, Lamhetaghat, Brahmghat, Bhedaghat were a centre of attaction on Vaishakh Poornima. The rare coincidence occurred after 297 years on Vaishakh Poornima 2017 when Buddhaditya and other planets auspicious combination was witnessed in the sky. People not only took holy dip in sacred Narmada after offering customary prayers but also donated and sought blessings of their forefathers (Pitar), it is believed that endowment during this occasion gives virtues many folds higher than those on other occasions. Purchasing at markets on the occasion was also considered auspicious.

The administration had ensured tight security arrangements and traffic police was also deployed to ensure smooth traffic on the route to important ghats of holy Narmada. Devotees had started thronging ghats since early morning and there was huge crowd not only at ghats but also on route to the ghats.

People not only took holy dip in the sacred river but also relished delicious dishes with children to observe the occasion not only as pilgrimage but also as picnic in view of summer vacation. Melodious tunes of Narmadashtak, Shivashtak, Shivtandav Strot, fragrance of scented sticks, Dhoop, delicious dishes, candles flowing in holy Narmada after Deepdan left a mark on hearts of devotees. Devotees also purchased necessary commodities besides religious items necessary for ritual prayers and customs. Devotees, particularly children, also enjoyed boating at Gwarighat, Tilwaraghat and Bhedaghat. Crowd started increasing gradually after early morning till mid day then flow of devotees decreased by afternoon. However, devotees continued to visit the ghats till late evening after sunset as temperature lowered. Similar planetary combination occurred way back in 1720 on April 22.