Many Muslim scholars participate in convocation ceremony of Darul Ulum Gausiya Rajbiya Kasmiya

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 May 2017 12:13:46

Staff Reporter,

Large number of Muslim Scholars from different parts of World and Country participate in the convocation ceremony of Darul Ulum Gausiya Rajbiya Kasmiya run by Darbare Azeem Society, Educational and Social Welfare Organisation on Tuesday.

27 students including 6 students were conferred with Alim Fazil, 16 with Hafiz and 3 with Degree and they were also tied with Turban. With the permission of Dr Mufti Amzad Raza, Mufti Khurshid made announcement for opening a Markaji Darul Kaza Idhar E Shriya Branch at the Jabalpur looking to previous works in the promotion of Education in the community.

Chief Orator, Muhammad Hussain Abdul Hakani in his preaching informed on the Islam. Many scholars give message to increase harmony and peace in the society.

Zeenat Talim presented the Nate Nabi. Zahid Raza convened the programme.
At the end of the convocation people prayers for peace and harmony in the society.