Alert Rly Ticket Inspectors stop man from committing suicide

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 May 2017 10:37:04

By Paritosh Pramanik,

TWO South East Central Railways’ Deputy Chief Ticket Inspectors (Dy CTI) used their calmness and presence of mind to save life of a middle-aged man, who was attempting suicide in the Shalimar Express (Train No. 18029) on Wednesday afternoon.

As soon as the two railway staffers got wind of what the man had planned, they tactfully engaged him in conversation till the next station. The man was later handed over to railway police.

Ritesh Inumula and VK Pandey, both Deputy Chief Ticket Inspectors with South East Central Railways were on duty on Shalimar Express going to Kolkata via Nagpur on Wednesday afternoon. The man, Rajkumar Deshmukh, in his late 50s, boarded the train from Nagpur for Kolkata on a general ticket.

“He (Deshmukh) came to us and asked for a berth. We allotted him seat no. 40 in S-6 bogie. As we were waiting for the train to leave for its journey ahead, another passenger, who was seated in the same bogie on seat number 55, told us that Deshmukh might attempt suicide and had written a suicide note,” Inumula, who is also a former Railways footballer and AIFF licensed coach, told ‘The Hitavada’.

The passenger told Inumula and Pandey that he had read the content of the suicide note Deshmukh was writing. “I have read the letter he just wrote. It’s with him,” the person told the TTEs.

Inumula and Pandey, immediately, alerted the RPF and GRP but could not get any help as the train had started moving. The duo then used their presence of mind and sat with Deshmukh chatting with him for next 10-15 minutes.

“The next station was Itwari and we wanted to keep Deshmukh engaged till we reach the station,” said Inumula. “We did not give any hint about his suicide note,” he said.
As the train reached Itwari station, Inumula and Pandey asked Deshmukh to deboard the train. He was shocked to hear this. “We then asked him to hand over his suicide note to us which he did very calmly. We then handed him over to the GRPF and RPF,” said Inumula.

Last month, Inumula had found a bag full of jewellery in Mumbai-Howrah Mail which he promptly handed over to the Railway Police.