Four petrol pumps sealed for short delivery of fuel

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 May 2017 10:46:39

Staff Reporter,


Department of Legal Metrology, Government of Chhattisgarh sealed four petrol pumps for short delivery of fuel.
Talking to The Hitavada, Controller of the Department of Legal Metrology Dr Ajay Kumar Pathak confirmed that four petrol pumps involved in short delivery of fuels were sealed in the state. Three petrol pumps in Raigarh district and one petrol pump in Bilaspur district were sealed.

Heavy fine would be imposed against the petrol pumps involved in short delivery of fuel, he added. Unlike in UP, no electronic chips have been found so far during checking in the state and no cases of tampering of measuring unit have also been detected, the Controller said.

Following raids at several petrol pumps in Uttar Pradesh and subsequently surfacing of gross irregularities committed by the proprietors of the pump owners, Department of Legal Metrology has launched a drive to check all 1100 petrol pumps in the state.

Delivery and prospects of manipulation process through electronic chips and other methods are being checked.
The Controller of the Department of Legal Metrology has formed three special task teams in the state to check and control the process of delivery of fuel by the dealers of oil companies. A special order has been issued by the Controller to all district officers of the state to carry out random inspection at petrol pumps. 1100 petrol pumps are being checked.
At present over 500 petrol pumps have been checked.

After startling revelation that a certain kind of chips used at petrol pumps of Uttar Pradesh helped the petrol pump owner to deliver less fuel than what was paid for by the customer the department has started a massive checking drive in the State.