Police gearing up to crush land mafia from all parts of Orange City

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 May 2017 09:31:51

By Dheeraj Fartode

Cops identifying all land grab cases involving criminal gangs

Dubious real estate agents also under scanner

New Zonal DCPs given task to lead  the onslaught

CP Dr Venkatesham personally supervising operation to end terror reign of land mafia

City police is preparing to take down the real estate gangland that has sown bitter feud in locality after locality of city due to which now murder is committed more as a fashion than any other real motive. After studying the crime pattern in second capital of State, where now juvenile are involved in murders, Commissioner of Police Dr K Venkatesham has cut out the task for the force. Zonal Deputy Commissioners of Police- there are now five zones sprawling from Hingna upto Kamptee town- are now tasked with preparing a list of criminals active in property dealing, mostly land deals within their jurisdiction. The sheet also would detail the chain these criminals have with small time operators so that entire gangs could be busted in one go, it is learnt from  the sources.

As real estate is a golden goose, big time criminals have carved out areas among them. However they depend to a large extent on small time rookies who have proffered everywhere since land deals often result into a stiff competition among them and ultimately leads to daily feuds. These small time real estate agents operate on commission basis and each one is aspiring for big ticket and see the other one as rival. So with stake rising high, the big time criminals are just instigating the lower level criminals to fight it out while they lead a lavish lifestyle.

CP Dr K Venkatesham informed The Hitavada, Zonal DCPs are in the process of establishing the active real estate dealers with criminal background along with their stakes and also identify the properties they have acquired or have gobbled flaunting through their clout. He said, citizens can also submit the information to DCPs directly so as to ensure the list is comprehensive and no shady character escapes from the scrutiny. After analysing the list, the cops would take stringent action against such mafias with a view to bring down the violence that has been on upswing off late. Also police are also going to check antecedents of the property agents who have made it big within short-time, especially if  they have previous crime sheet or otherwise.

Sources informed that the newly joined Zonal DCPs would take report from the police station level officers while DCP Special Branch would collect data from their respective network. It may be mentioned, maximum criminals of Nagpur City are involved in the real estate business. “Settling land deals” is their main business and the turnover is touching four to five figures sum on average. However, police action against notorious land mafia -- Gwalbansi gang -- have shaken land mafias in city and many have suddenly gone silent in their area.

As the land prices zoomed by nearly 300 per cent in last 10 years, many small players started business of land dealing in city. The land dealers are openly violating rule of law, especially while handling land deals on fringes of city with the help of local goons. Such gangs are active in Hudkeshwar, Gittikhadan, Mankapur, Koradi, Kalamna, Wadi, MIDC and Hingna Police Stations areas. The land dealers identify land parcels of individuals and then grab the same by preparing bogus documents. After locking the said plots in legal cases, the goons then enter into the picture and offer to settle the matter and thereby rake in lakh of rupees.