27 tigers sighted in TATR buffer zone: Waterhole census

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 14 May 2017 09:24:59

Chandrapur Bureau,


As many as 27 tigers were sighted in buffer zone of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) during waterhole yearly machan census exercise conducted on the occasion of Buddha Purnima. The census was conducted from a total of 109 machans built over equal number of water holes in the buffer zone.

Large number of wildlife activists, volunteers and enthusiasts had volunteered for yearly exercise of machan census. Every machan was manned by pair of volunteer and a forest employee during the census exercise. They registered the movement of at total of 2,737 wild animals in the jungle along with 27 tigers during census exercise that lasted for 24 hours.
According to Deputy Director, TATR (buffer), GP Narwane, the census exercise was carried out on the water holes spread in six ranges under buffer zone of tiger reserve. Three cement machan, 88 steel machans and 18 wooden made machans were selected for the census work on 109 waterholes.

Large number of wildlife enthusiasts had applied for the census exercise. Their names were selected through lucky draw. A total of 343 people, including 252 volunteers and 91 forest department staffers took part in the exercise.

The census was held in six forest ranges namely Palasgaon, Chandrapur, Mul, Shivni, Khadsangi and Moharli ranges falling under buffer zone of TATR. A total of 27 tigers accompanied by four cubs were spotted live during the census hours in buffer area. Other wildlife animals too, were spotted by the volunteers at various waterholes. Their numbers are as follows: Leopards-9, barking deer- 77, spotted deer- 473, Sambar-185, Chusinga-1, Neelguy-89, Indian Gaur- 376, monkeys- 517, sloth bears-78, wild dogs- 47, wolves – 6, wild boars-732, different kind of wild cat- 24, Mungus- 32, rabbits- 2, and others -7.