Awarded children’s films ‘Sunday’, ‘Heda Hoda’ screened at Bharat Bhawan

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 14 May 2017 12:12:34

Staff Reporter,

The films ‘Sunday’ and ‘Heda Hoda’ were screened under the Children film festival at Bharat Bhawan on Saturday, the second day of the seven day children film festival. Both films were produced by the Children Film Society. Sunday was directed by Pankaj Adwani starring Imad Dalal, Ratna Pathakshah, Vallabh Vyas and Rakesh Bedi, was of 60 minute film.

Film Sunday won awards in three categories at 41th National Children Film Festival, it was comedy film festival exclusively for the children films. It was well-directed film. Story of the film in short was that Chintu eagerly waited Sunday as his father was to come on Sunday. His father was returning to home so he went to Railway station along with his mother to receive his father, But in mid-way his Jeep developd technical problem. Any how he reached to the railway station where he met his father crossing all hurdles in way of reaching to Railway station. Film was emotional.

‘Heda Hoda’It was second and last film of Saturday, directed by Vinod Ganatra and produced by Children Film Society starred Shivaji Satam, Suhasini Mule, Swati Dave and Parikshit Sahni was long film compared to previous film as of 90 minute duration.

As per story of the film, there was a village in Kachha, Gujarat State on India –Pak border where Sonu and Laxmi lived with their family members.

One day father of Sonu felt uneasy so Sonu and Laxmi took their camels grazing but their one of the camels crossed Indian border and entered into Pakistan border. Sonu got his camel back with help of his Pakistani friend Rajjak. Film was with a good message of Indian-Pak friendship. This film got many awards in country and abroad including international film award in Goa children film
festival in Goa in 2005.