NIS-enable system can catch MP’s tax defaulter vehicles from other states

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 14 May 2017 10:20:15

By Arun Kumar,

The Transport Department can now easily keep a tap on the tax defaulter vehicles and even such vehicles is on road at any state of the country might be caught easily under the National Information System (NIS). The NIS is implemented not only in Madhya Pradesh but also in all the states. This is hi-tech plan of the Transport Department. As this State’s tax defaulter vehicles are caught in other states, the other states’ tax defaulter vehicles can also be caught in our state through this system.

According to information, all states’ Transport Departments have shared information of their state’s tax defaulter vehicles on the National Information System software. Now, almost all states’ transport departments have yet been linked up with this new software.

This new software NIS has been made by the Union Road and Transport Ministry under which the states will share their registered vehicle information. The information of tax defaulter vehicles is also shared separately. Any state can see the registered vehicles or tax defaulter vehicles of any state and it is an easy tool to the police and transport officers to catch such vehicles and recover the tax. Some vehicles of other state running in different parts of the when found tax defaulter were caught by the transport officers and got the tax with heavy penalty.

Senior transport officer said that by this National Information System, Transport Department may get information of registered vehicles of any
state in just one clique. “Even only from Madhya Pradesh there are more than 2,000 tax defaulter vehicles are there, these vehicles are being run in other states. The State’s Transport Department have no information whether these tax defaulter vehicles are run.

Whenever the issue of completing revenue target is raised, officers discuss about it, the senior transport officer pleading anonymity said. What is trait of software? The trait of National Information System software is that it may help in catching vehicles stolen from other states.

As one feed chassis number of vehicle, a warning message will be generated and it will send the whole information to main server and in such a manner the stolen vehicles might be caught any where. Any state’s transport officer can see it. When contacted, Shailendra Shrivastava, Commissioner, Transport Department, said the National Information System (NIS) has been in implementation.