State adopts modern technologies to utilise Narmada water by 2024

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 14 May 2017 11:52:41

By Ashish Rajput,

NARMADA Seva Yatra has geared up Madhya Pradesh to take stalk of pollution in Narmada river by achieving the target of utilising water. State has adopted modernised technologies to make use of Narmada water upto 18.25 million acre feet by the year 2024.

It may be mentioned that Narmada water dispute tribunal had fixed the share of Narmada water allocation for Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan in December 1979. The allocation is proposed to be reviewed in the year 2025 over utilisation of water for its reallocation between the four states.

With this obligation, Madhya Pradesh is working hard and has adopted advanced technologies for utilisation of 18.25 MAF water to reinstate the same water allocation by the year 2025.
Public Relation Officer Adil Khan informed that Madhya Pradesh is currently utilising 12.59 MAF water and is targeted to increase it above 18.25 MAF by the year 2025. NVDA has listed 14 – 15 micro lift irrigation projects and 3 are under construction. Micro lift irrigation projects will be operated with establishments of solar energy projects. Solar energy projects will directly transmit energy to the power grid during sunny days and take back the same amount through energy banking in case of cloudy weather. He added that Narmada Seva Yatra has given pace to several delayed irrigation development projects to complete them within stipulated time limit. The State is blessed with plenty of water from Narmada river and we are utilising it for irrigation of more than 6 lakh hectare agricultural land.

Irrigation from Narmada water is being increased by 50,000 hectare every year and it has been targeted to be increased upto 21 lakh hectares by year the 2024. Similarly, Narmada water is also fulfilling the energy requirement around 3000 – 3,200 MWs through hydropower projects.