Rs 15 lakh heist in Kanhan; Four armed goons pull off robbery in two minutes

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 15 May 2017 11:00:06

Kanhan Correspondent,

A gang of four armed goons pulled off a sensational heist in Kanhan, fleeing with gold and cash collectively worth Rs 15 lakh, at around 2 pm on Sunday. The robbery was committed within two minutes and the goons did not encounter resistance except from the shop-owner. The jewellery shop, Amit Jewellers, adjacent to Nagpur-Jabalpur highway, was packed with customers on scorching Sunday.
However, undeterred by presence of people in the shop, the armed desperadoes walked in, committed robbery at gun point and casually walked away within two minutes.

The sudden action in Sarafa Oli created sensation in the town. The news about the robbery spread like jungle fire. As per preliminary investigations, the booty included Rs four lakh cash and gold ornaments. The proprietor, Amit Harishankar Gupta was shot at by the robbers when he tried to resist. He suffered two bullet wounds on his leg.

District police machinery was snapped into action as the incident came as a shocker. The local jewellery market is well known across Maharashtra as it is a favourite for disposing of gold valuables, and for high value purchases. Though attack on jewellers are rare, firing is certainly for the first time in Kanhan. Police posse came rushing to the spot while nakabandi was effected in the district, still no possible clues have been found so far.

The incident occurred around 2 pm. Gupta hails from Kamptee and has been into the business for years. At the time of the incident, Gupta’s wife, five employees including three women, and a good number of customers were at the shop.

Entire robbery was captured in the CCTV cameras installed inside the shop. Police team, on verifying the footage, came to know that the armed goons walked through the shop flashing guns, emptied the ornaments tray into their bags and coolly walked out of the shop.
The footage also showed that just as the quartet entered, one of the goons opened fire in general direction to indicate that they meant business.

As per information, at time of incident crackers were being burst nearby as a marriage procession was wounding its way to a marriage hall. Therefore, amidst the loud bursting of crackers nobody outside the shop heard the gun shots.
All the four goons had their faces covered with red and black coloured clothes as they targeted the bullion shop. A couple
who was selecting rings was surprised as goons quickly moved behind the counter and pulled out the trays and emptied them in their backpacks. The suspected leader of the gang, meanwhile, got into fracas with the owner, Amit Gupta, who was trying to resist them.

Of the four, three youths, who seems to be in their mid twenties, were brandishing the guns. The shots were fired by only by one of the goons. He fired shots when Gupta tried resist when he asked him to hand over the cash bag and also the bag containing raw gold.

One of the bullets pierced through Gupta’s leg while one scraped past him and the third hit his leg. The bullets were fired from very close range at Gupta who later was shaken to core. The goons were out of the shop within two minutes, briskly walking towards the highway.

While the goons were leaving the shop, giving vent their frustration a lady hurled an empty tray at the reiterating goons. The CCTV grab showed that one of the woman staffers following the goon and cursing them.

Meanwhile, as Gupta’s wife reached the counter, she realised that her husband was shot at. Then only the full impact of the crime sat in and word reached the other shopkeepers. Hell broke loose in the bullion market and traders in fear quickly downed the shutters while some called it a day.

SP Balkawde inspects CCTV footage
District Superintendent of Police, Nagpur Rural, Shailesh Balkawde, dashed to Kanhan on learning about the robbery. He inspected the crime scene and also went through CCTV footage. The footage showed that some customers were seated on the sofa when the four robbers, all with their faces covered, entering into the bullion shop.

Due to ongoing marriage season, it was a busy time at the bullion market and robbers seemed to have made a survey and marked out the target. CCTV recording displayed one of the robbers brandishing the revolver and also involved in fracas with Amit Gupta.

The entire incident of robbery in the shop, the entry, the firing at the jeweller and the goons fleeing the spot was captured in the CCTV cameras.

However, the images of robbers are quite grainy and it would be a challenge for cops to determine their identity.
Preliminary inquiry by cops revealed that the armed desperadoes had fled towards Mansar. Police teams have fanned out in district and are trying to gather footage from toll booths to make a breakthrough.