Summer heat returns, mercury rises to 44.70 C

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 15 May 2017 10:56:53

Staff Reporter,

After a break for a while, summer heat is back at its usual intensity in the month of May. Mercury soared to 44.7 degrees Celsius in Nagpur city, giving a deserted look to the roads on scorching Sunday. Even after 10 pm on Sunday, one could feel the intensity of heat outside the comforts of homes and offices.
In days to come, mercury is expected to soar to its usual high. In the month of April, Nagpur suffered some of the hottest days of summer. It was an early onset of intense summer, right in April. Later, clouds kept invading the skies, accompanied by strong winds sweeping the landscapes.

On a few occasions, Nagpur received showers. But, instead of proving to be a relief, showers added to the humidity, making days and nights equally discomforting for Nagpurians.

The situation in other parts of Vidarbha region also was no different. Chandrapur, though lashed by 35 mm rainfall till 6 pm, recorded the maximum temperature of 43.8 degrees Celsius. In Brahmapuri town in Chandrapur district, Sun god appeared to be in a fierce mood, as maximum temperature there zoomed to 46.2 degrees Celsius, which was the highest across Vidarbha.

The situation in Western Vidarbha too was more or less similar as high tempreatures continued to trouble citizens. Akola recorded the highest maximum temperature in Western Vidarbha with 45.7 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature in Akola was a high 32 degrees Celsius!

On Sunday, mercury was back at its usual intensity. Throughout the day, those who were left with no option but to move out for some or the other work, felt as if the heat outside was trying to penetrate through their clothes and skin. Those travelling in car could claim some solace, thanks to air-conditioning. In Nagpur, towards evening, as winds started lashing the city-scape, one could feel greater impact of heat making one re-think the plans of venturing out of houses. For, the minimum temperature also was a discomforting 29.9 degrees Celsius. Of course, it goes without saying that coolers and air-conditioners ran through the day.