Mercury kisses 46.20 C mark; City registers hottest day of season

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 16 May 2017 10:47:09

Staff Reporter,

Brahmapuri records highest 46.5 degrees Celsius maximum temperature in Vidarbha

Heat wave to continue for next two days

It’s trial by fire virtually for Nagpurians as mercury zoomed to 46.2 degrees Celsius on Monday. The sudden 1.5 degree Celsius surge in the maximum temperature than Sunday was felt by the citizens as roads wore deserted look in the afternoon. Maximum temperature on Monday was highest of the season so far. This season, the heat wave started right from last week of March and rise in mercury has been quite intense.

“The maximum temperature has been rising for last couple of days and with ongoing intense heat wave, there is no immediate respite for citizens. Weathermen have said the
temperatures are going to remain same for this week. In entire Vidarbha, maximum temperature may rise further on Tuesday and may be on the higher side,” said A B Gode, Meteorologist to ‘The Hitavada’.

According to the Weather department, the mercury was three degrees above the normal, and temperature in city was second highest temperature in the Vidarbha. The situation will remain the same for next two days.

The minimum temperature of Nagpur was pegged at 27.9 degrees Celsius. With 46.5 degrees Celsius. Brahmapuri in Chandrapur district recorded the highest maximum temperature of the season in the region on Monday.

In April, city registered some of the hottest days of this summer and was recorded as hottest April of the decade. It was an early onset of intense summer, right in April. Later, clouds kept invading the skies, accompanied by strong winds sweeping the landscapes.

But that did not had much effect on the heat wave that continued unabated. Rather the intermittent rainfall proved to be flash on the pan and only spewed more heat back into the atmosphere it seems.
Brahmapuri, known for its extreme heat wave conditions during summer, has recorded the highest maximum temperature of 46.5 degrees Celsius on Monday while the highest minimum temperature was 31.3 degree Celsius which is second highest after Akola (31.5).

Wardha remained third on the list with 45.5 degree Celsius while the highest minimum temperature was 29.9 degree Celsius. Gondia (45.20 C; 27.20 C) and Chandrapur (450 C; 26.20 C) also recorded high temperature.

Akola (44.9), Yavatmal (44.5), Amravati (43.0), Washim (42.6) and Buldhana (41.0) also registered high maximum temperature on Monday.

Weathermen informed that no significant change in maximum and minimum temperatures over Vidarbha, Eastern Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh during next two days.