No examination or result is greater than life: Chitnis

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 16 May 2017 12:56:57

Staff Reporter,

Concerned with student’s suicide over results, Minister of Women and Child Development Archna Chitnis has written an open letter to students asking them to not to get depressed and to take life as it comes . She has mentioned that Wisdom , courage , zeal is important in life rather than result .

Subsequent to the declaration of 10th and 12th standard result of MP board some students are taking drastic step and ending their lives as they did not get marks as they expected .
In a open letter written by Archna Chitnis she has requested students to take the examination result with confidence .

She has written that “No examination or result is greater than life and it is obvious that one will face challenges on and off in life. The difficulties which one face and the way one overcome them will enable to prepare for the purpose for which life is destined.

In an emotional way she has also seen quoted saying Children we all love you from the core of our hearts .

Dear ones, love does not need any reason. No exam or its result is important than you. The road of life may not be straight and simple and its going to have curves, turnings , ups and down , diversions .Every situation opens some door or the other .Results must have been to your expectations or a little lesser, do not be overwhelmed nor get distressed” .

She also stressed on the subject that only thinking about placements and packages are not correct in fact self employment is also an option.