Forest Deptt to warn people against crocodile

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 17 May 2017 11:45:03

Staff Reporter,

In order to ensure safety of general public, forest department planned to warn people against availability of crocodile and alligators in Kaliyasot Dam.

Forest Department planned to display board around the dam warning people against the reptiles. Forest officials said, large number of crocodile and alligators are available in Kaliyasot Dam and people visiting the dam sits around the water body without any concern. Youngsters sit around the water bank by late evening every day and it would be causing danger to their lives. Especially during Monsoon, it would be great danger for the people. Concern with the issue, forest department chalked out plan to display board in the area.

It may be noted that, several incidents have been reported in which crocodile and alligators appeared in water bodies like Kaliyasot, Kerwa Dam, Machli Ghar, Upper Lake and Bhadbhada Dam. Especially in rainy season, many crocodiles have been rescued by the team. Forest Department has planned to warn people against the reptile before starting rain.