People openly bathing in Upper Lake as authorities turn blind eye

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 17 May 2017 11:37:32

By Pallavi Singh,

The new of someone drowning in Upper Lake keeps coming in from time to time. Upper Lake of Bhopal has become the identity of the city and its beauty captures every newcomer who comes to the city.

But there is no denying the fact that this lake is also famous as suicide point. In spite of this very well known fact there are no security arrangements at the lake. Bathing in the lake is absolutely not allowed, but people, especially children can be seen bathing in the lake on daily basis. Sheetal Da ki bagiya,Fatehgarh, Sheetla mata mandir and VIP road are some areas where people bath without any fear.

At some places where there are elevations in the vicinity people dive in the water head on without an ounce of fear. These people dive without any idea about the depth of water at the particular spot, which can prove fatal. Small children coming at lakeside for fishing also dive in the lake with the fishing net. They dive multiple times to dip and bring out the fishing net for fishes.

There is not a single diver and no authorized personal who stops these children from diving. Divers can only be seen on the boat club area but at other places, especially VIP road these divers are missing.

Additional Commissioner, BMC, MP Singh said, “The arrangement of divers is going to strengthen very soon. Currently divers are installed at Boat Club and Sheetal Das Ki Bagiya. Lifesaving team point is being made at Sheetal Das Ki Bagiya for which budget has been sanctioned and place has been decided. Divers will be on duty with their boats in the area in near future. Small cabin like rooms will also be constructed for the diver team.”