Woman held for husband’s murder

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 17 May 2017 10:41:45

Staff Reporter,

The woman concocts a story of her husband’s accidental death,

Bajaj Nagar police have booked a woman for allegedly murdering her husband after a tiff over a family matter. The woman, however, initially had concocted a story about accidental death of her husband, Nitin Nair (27), who hailed from Betul, but autopsy report finally blew the lid on the case.

The deceased was an entrepreneur and is identified as Nitin Ramesh Nair (27). Nair hailed from Betul while the accused is Swati (25) and police said she is now in Kerala. Swati had tried to pass of the incident as accidental death but persistent pressure from Nair family on police finally led to registration of murder case.

The incident dates back to April 29 and place of incident was near the Wockhardt Hospital where the Nair couple were staying in rented premises. Nitin’s father was admitted to hospital and hence the couple had rented a room during that period. One fine day, Swati phoned Nitin’s brother and informed

about the tragedy, she claimed her husband had a fall and died of injuries sustained to the head. The Nair family came rushing to city and were in state of
shock. Nitin’s brother on seeing the body got suspicious as he noticed some marks on former’s neck and that time only he informed the police.

As the autopsy report was awaited the police were slow in their investigations and only when post mortem confirmed suspicion and opined that death of Nitin was due to strangulation.

Meanwhile inquiry by Nair family revealed that Swati was a divorcee and was married with Nitin six months ago. However, Swati was not able to adjust with the Nair family and frequently quarreled with Nitin over petty issues.

Failure of Police investigation
The entire case is the example of faulty police investigation. Family members of deceased said that strangulation marks were clearly visible on the neck of Nitin and they had also recovered Swati’s love letters written to a third person. However, Bajaj Nagar police did not record the thing about strangulation marks or about finding of ‘love letters’ which were in the pocket of Nitin. Woman Police Sub-Inspector (WPSI) Raut had performed spot panchanama.

Till receipt of autopsy report the matter was being probed by a lower run police personnel as cops disbelieved claims being made by Nair family. Now with registration of murder case, Station House Officer (SHO) has taken over the case dairy.

Father also died
For Nair family Swati’s entry in life of their son, Nitin was a terrible episode. First they lost Nitin, who now it has emerged by murdered, and soon after hearing about the incident family head, Ramesh Nair, too, died of shock.

Ramesh Nair had recouped and was to be discharged from the hospital here in city. But when got information about Nitin’s death he went into shocked and died soon after. The Nair family was against the union but Nitin was neck deep in love with Swati.