Doctors’ leaves hit medical services at Govt hospitals

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 18 May 2017 11:15:54

Staff Reporter,

Many doctors on leave in the summer vacations is impeding execution of patient’s related medical care services at Government Hospitals in the district. As per information, more than 10 doctors, who are responsible to execute the major surgeries at the Department of Orthopedics, Surgery and other surgical department are on leave due to some or other reasons at Netaji Subash Chandra Bose during last couple of days. Beside this many of doctors are on leave at the Government Victoria Hospital in the wake of summer season. Some doctors are on vacations have extended their leave without any sufficient reason. Large number of patients can be seen admitted at Surgical wards, Orthopedics, Surgery department waiting in queue for more than one to three weeks for their turn for surgery. When patients were contact they says their consultant asked them to go for pre medical fitness examination, when they go for pre Anesthesia test, doctors reply that doctor is on leave, they have to wait for another few days.

Any how when the patient were found fit for giving Anesthesia, the Surgeons who is responsible to conduct surgery went on leave, there is another clause that surgeon of other unit does not prefer to do surgery, ultimately patient suffers.

Usually surgeries are performed on working days of the hospital, but some Consultant claims that chances of infection of pre and post operative cases goes high in the summer season, so that perform operation on three working day, when some concern Doctors takes leave patient have no other option left to wait for one or two months or sometimes even more than that.

Senior Doctor on condition of anonymity informed that prior alternative arrangement should be made before allowing doctors to go for leave, this would help to resolve present crises of increasing waiting list of patient in the surgical departments. Dean, Dr Rooplekha Chouhan when contacted about problem on doctors on leave, she expressed concern with patient’s problem, said that this would be streamline soon.