Nagpur karatekas shine in Mah win

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 18 May 2017 09:52:42

CITY karatekas won a lot of medals helping Maharashtra lift overall title in the 29th edition of JSKOI National Karate Championship that was held at Agra recently, informs Vijay Ghichare, Secretary, Vidarbha Karate Association through a press release.

More than 800 participants representing various states like Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana among others took part in the event hosted at Greenfield School, Tajganj.
The Maharashtra state contingent was lead by Ghichare and the support staff included—Hemant Ghubde, Puja Patode, Milind Shirpurkar, Mohan Warti, Harish Satpute and Sharmila Malewar.

Aryan Kale (kata bronze, kumite gold), Aastha Bambule (kata gold, kumite silver), Pranav Vakil (kata silver, kumite gold), Vighnesh Srirang (kata silver, kumite gold), Akshara Meshram (kata silver, kumite bronze), Pawan Chanore (kata gold, kumite bronze), Pankaj Chanore (kata gold, kumite bronze), Swanandi Gawte Pawan Chanore (kata gold, kumite silver), Naitik Gawte (kata gold, kumite bronze), Aarush Dake (kata gold, kumite silver), Kanan Sadhwani (kata silver, kumite silver), Mohit Sadhwani (kata silver, kumite gold), Sujan Walde (kata gold, kumite gold), Vaibhav Bawne (kata gold, kumite silver), Abhijeet Shende (kata silver, kumite gold), Puja Patode (kata gold, kumite gold), Harsha Dharkar (kata silver, kumite gold), Arv Bhat (kata bronze, kumite gold), Poonam Dahake (kata gold, kumite gold), Samir Channe (kata gold, kumite bronze), Romal Kanojiya (kata gold, kumite silver), Suraj Yadav (kata gold, kumite silver), Niharika Patil (kata silver, kumite gold), Satish Nagpase (kata gold, kumite silver), Hemant Ghubde (kata gold, kumite gold), Vedal Wasnik (kata gold, kumite bronze), Sujal Gawli (kata gold, kumite bronze), Anushka Bagde (kata silver, kumite gold), Parv Tajpuriya (kata bronze, kumite silver), Chaitali Aatre (kata silver, kumite gold), Rewat Arora (kata silver, kumite gold), Lekhansh Pedkar (kata silver, kumite gold), Prajit Menon (kata silver, kumite bronze), Sumit Patel (kata gold, kumite gold), Tina Satpute (kata silver, kumite silver), Falguni Satpute (kata silver, kumite gold), Piyush Wankhede (kata gold, kumite silver), Nidhi Hiranwar (kata gold, kumite silver), Aayush Waghe (silver gold, kumite silver), Khemchand Bharti (kata gold, kumite bronze), Tejas Patil (kata gold, kumite gold), Ishika Chaudhary (kata gold, kumite silver), Tanisha Chaudhary (kata silver, kumite bronze), Ragini Patil (kata gold, kumite silver), Siddhi Chikhalkar (kata silver, kumite gold).