State should not add surcharge on petrol and diesel: NVCC

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 19 May 2017 10:02:15

Business Bureau

CENTRAL Government is quoting the prices of petrol and diesel as per the open market.

Whenever, the prices of petrol and diesel are reduced by the Central Government, Maharashtra Government instead of passing on the benefit of the reduced prices of petrol and diesel, is adding surcharge and making the petro products costlier. General public feel that whenever the prices of the petro products decrease in the open market, the benefit should be passed to the end users.

Taking serious note of the issue, Nag Vidarbha Chamber of
Commerce (NVCC) in a press note has condemned Maharashtra Government for imposing surcharge on petrol and diesel whenever prices fall. The Chamber has demanded Maharashtra Government not to add surcharge on petrol and diesel and impose heavy burden on general public.

Petrol and diesel are necessity of the general public. Imposing tax burden on them means imposing unnecessary burden on general public.