Youth, man involved in illegal liquor trade held

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 19 May 2017 12:09:40

Staff reporter,

Gadha Police acting on tip-off from an informer apprehended a youth and middle-aged man indulged in illegal trade of country made liquor at a culvert situated near Medical Servant Quarters on Wednesday night. Accused have been identified as Vimal Shrivastava (name change) (17), a resident of Purva, Gadha and Shankar Prasad (28), a resident of Jarond, Patan.

According to Gadha police, late at night they received information that two person are carrying huge stock of illegal country made liquor. Both are waiting for customer, standing on motorcycle bearing registration number MP-20KF-8382 at culvert near Medical servant quarter. Acting prompt on information received a team of Gadha Police reached the spot and witnessed that the culprits are trying to escape from the spot seeing police. They were round-up and apprehended with illegal country made liquor.

Duo accuse Vimal Shrivastava (imaginary name) (17), a resident of Purva, Gadha and Shankar Prasad (28), a resident of Jarond, Patan red handedly involve in trading liquor illegally. In the checking of both accuseds police recovered total 300 quarters of country made liquor in 2 sacs hanging both the sides of their motorcycle. Gadha Police sized 300 quarters of country made liquor with their motorcycle and registered the case under Section 34(2) of excise act. While further investigations to find further details are underway.