The ‘Mother’of all solutions

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 02 May 2017 12:20:55

By dr dileep singh,

Mother is the thread which makes the carnet shines as it keeps all the pearls (family members) united. She is the one who primarily develop trust and love amid family members. Mother is the best teacher as first lessons of values, principles and morals are taught by her.

The great Shivaji Maharaj was an invincible and benevolent ruler. The qualities like skillful diplomacy, braveness, stoicism, insightfulness, generosity and most importantly decisiveness were indoctrinated by his mother Jijabai. Jijabai had enlightened these qualities in Shivaji and provided valuable guidance to him when and wherever required.

A mother has all the qualities of a manager. She remembers birthdays and anniversaries of all family members. She gets up first and sleep last after ensuring everything is on the appropriate track thereby playing the role of a perfectionist. Mother inspires us to achieve our dream. She is very good at stress management, time management, emotion handling. We always keep on telling our problems to her but have never heard the same from her. She hides her feelings, sentiments and physical pain. She never allows her emotion to come on her face and always smiles for the healthy atmosphere of family. Mother is a selfless soul and has a very big heart full of love, care and affection for everyone with only one desire to see her family happy, prosperous and together. She never presents any issues and problem but that doesn’t mean she has nothing to say.

She puts family member’s concerns and daily hectic work schedule over her difficulties. We all know that everything has a lifecycle with different phases. A father gets retirement after a service of 60 years from his job but mother works until her last breathe for her husband, children and grandchildren. The dedication is so high, if you want to gauge, just observe her relationship with your kids. You will find she loves your children more than you do.

That’s why we call her GOD. There is a very famous story which is fictional hence the characters are not mentioned. In that story a school principal sends a letter to the mother of one of his student. The student was a kid admitted in KG. The principal wrote in his letter that the kid was addled/mentally ill and could not be allowed to pursue further education in same school. When the kid asked about the content of the letter she read the letter out loud to him: Your son is very genius but we don’t have competent teachers who can shape his future. Hence you are requested to teach him yourself. The kid’s mother homeschooled him so that he could reach his full potential. Years later, the same kid became very successful and famous for his knowledge and inventions. One day he found the same letter which was sent from his school. He read it, cried for hours and then wrote in his personal diary that ‘My mother’s belief has made my future”.

The above mentioned belief of a mother is phenomenal. Only a mother trusts her child irrespective of his status, age and life cycle stages.

But today the biggest irony is youth gets irritated and annoyed on frequent basis once the mother grows old. Many of us have started to repulse her or look at her like burden. Where is the sense of gratitude? If we are professionals then where is the reciprocity?

India is a developing country where every year number of old age homes is increasing manifolds. Is it what we call development?

Remember, mother has nurtured you ever since you were a child. She has always showered her selfless love on you and she will never ever say that she needs your helping hand hence we have to comprehend this. We get retired from our work after a certain age and expects pension scheme from our employers or government. Today I plea to everyone give that pension to your mother in the form of love, affection, care, concern, support and most importantly your presence.
(The author is a career counselor and can be reached at [email protected])