‘Manachiye Dwari’ provides thought provoking insight into human relations

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 20 May 2017 08:54:27

Staff Reporter,

Programme ‘Manachiye Dwari’ organised at the Scientific Society hall, Laxmi Nagar on Friday under the aegis of Cummins College of Engineering for Women and Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Sanstha, turned out to be an absorbing affair, in which renowned Psychologist and Counsellor Milind Apte unknowingly or knowingly surfed through true life incidents actually taking place in lives of many of the listeners in the hall, making them shake their heads and acknowledge the truth.

Supporting Milind Apte was Poet Milind Deshpande, with his apt verse, that provided the right impetus to Apte to come out with some outstanding examples in behavior of newly weds, mindset of boys and girls before and after marriage, children of age not willing to get married, problems women clients bring to him, that are without any rational thinking. He dealt systematically with how marriages show strains specially when the initial adulation begins to dry up as relations become more rational, specially when either the boy or the girl is living in US.

Apte went on to explain the defination of what is ‘Prem’ or ‘Love’. “It is a creation of poets and is conditional. Prem is when intellengence freezes and decisions are made on emotional basis. Experts define it as unconditionally other acceptance. Exhibit this trend to live stress free,” said Apte.

He dwelt upon responsibility and liability specially  between mother and child with interesting examples. He flayed the current trend in use of Corporate Jargon like ‘Space’, ‘Focus’ being used at home freely, grooming a single child by the mother by getting him and his life programmes by an expensive school, burdening the child with needless learning classes like music, tennis and then keep wondering why the child is not taking interest in studies and feels sleepy. Such schools and grooming deprive the child from learning good Indian Sanskaras.

Apte is neither Indian or Western style educated kid. “Like Banannas are being artificially ripened by exposing them to carbide, we are grooming our children in expensive schools with such bizarre coaching classes for instant results. In other words, we are outsourcing childhood”, said Apte. Milind Apte also spoke at length on the current trend of couples practicing no child theory, as they feel insecure and are not established.

There was an interesting session on mother and couples after the age of 45 which was in full flow when this report was filed. One felt that such words of wisdom could be of immense value if spoken in a gathering of youngsters like NSS camps, NCC Camps as the gathering is available entirely to the speaker without any outside interference.

Poet Milind Despande also contributed to the blending of the programme with his beautifully written poems like ‘Jodi Tujhi Majhi’, ‘Sajan Paus’, ‘Chahul’, ‘Shivaji’, ‘Ek Vaat Pahanara Daar’, ‘Maitrin’.

Earlier, Avinash Acharya made the introductory remarks and Shirish Vaidya proposed a vote of thanks. Aishwari Apte rendered songs to the accompaniment of music by musicians Abhishek Dahikar on keyboard and Kaustub Dani on Tabla. Present on the occasion were Mayor Nanda Jichkar and President of VNIT Vishram Jamdar.