Source: The Hitavada      Date: 22 May 2017 11:22:05

THE upcoming show Aisi Deewangi... Dekhi Nahi Kahin, a high voltage love

story, is all set to match the mercury levels outside when it airs on Zee Networks starting May 22,
2017. For comfortable viewing, make sure you set your room temperatures right when you watch this fiery love drama.

This passionate, romantic drama is set in a backdrop of Gujarat. Tejaswini, daughter of a martyred
honest cop, locks horns with Prem- the son of a dreaded underworld don. Grown up hearing about her father’s velour and courage, Tejaswini is a firebrand and an even-handed person. Prem too is a spirited young man with shades of arrogance, strong principals and complete devotion to his father and his notorious past. And Aisi Deewangi... is a love story of this most unlikely couple.

Veteran actor Rasik Dave, a Gujarati theatre and film actor, will play the character of Dharam Singh Rathod the retired don. Jyoti Sharma, who is making her debut, has been cast asTejaswini; and another debutant Pranav Misshra is playing Prem, the male protagonist. “Aisi Deewangi... Dekhi Nahi Kahin is an action-packed love story. The show is a complete entertainer with universal appeal, cutting across barriers of age, gender or class. Aisi Deewangi… is the first show to explore unknown aspects of a retired don’s personality; his values, aspirations, fears and insecurities,” said producer Aastha Naad while talking to The Hitavada. Rasik Dave informed about the reason to choose this show, “It is not usual women centric kitchen politics show. There is a lot to do for male performers. And playing a retired don is a challenging and different role.

” Tejaswini represents the woman of today, she is not just emotional but has a sense of balance between emotions and righteousness. She is a female lead one step ahead of women empowerment. She is physically strong and agile. Her eyes and her stare can make anybody weak in the knees and can crumble someone’s confidence.When she finds out that her father was killed by none other than Dharam Singh Rathod, Prem’s don father, starts the rollercoaster of fiery emotions, friction, power-play, deceit, manipulation, revenge and much more. But will the love blossom amidst all this? The dramatic high point of the show is promising, why did Prem’s father kill Tejaswini’s dad?? To get these answers, tune in to Aisi Deewangi ... Dekhi Nahi Kahin. Premiering on May 22, Monday to Friday at 7.30 pm on Zee TV.