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Source: The Hitavada      Date: 26 May 2017 11:31:44

By Iffat A Sheikh,

They say ‘Make hay while the sun shines’ and surely the small screen knows when to cash in an opportunity. People are still grappling under the spell of the magnum opus Baahubali, which is still going strong across the world, and Star Plus is launching a new show Aarambh fictitiously based on the clash of civilisations between Aryans and Dravidians. And it can’t get better than to rope in the writer of Baahubali, K Vijayendra Prasad, to weave a magical tale around a bygone era and the guy knows his job well. Big names are attached to show which has Tanuja Mukerji, Rajniesh Duggall and Karthika Nair in prominent roles. Southern beauty Karthika Nair, who is playing princess Devsena in the show, was recently in the city to promote the show, shared many tidbits surrounding the concept.

The epic character of Princess Devsena from Baahubali has caught the fancy of the world and how can the makers be left behind. But clearing airs surrounding Devsena, Karthika Nair says, “Except the name and the fact that both are princess, there is no similarity between the personalities. I am shown to be a carefree princess in my own world with no aspirations to rule. But somehow the circumstances change and she is forced to take a stand to protect her land from the Aryans”, clarifies Nair.

Belonging to a filmy family, Karthika Nair has done quite a few films down South and with Aarambh she is making her small screen debut, so what prompted her to choose this show as her ‘Aarambh’ on the small screen. “It is only because of Prasad sir that I am onboard this show. He convinced me that the character is strong and courageous, who would go at any length to defend her land, which is her pride. So how the character changes from a carefree woman to a protector princess is really praiseworthy. Plus, I was looking to do something different on small screen and Aarambh gives me an opportunity to hone my acting skills. Being a princess and a warrior, there are many stunts that I am suppose to perform. There’s one stunt on an elephant, which was a little difficult to do, but I managed it well and enjoyed it too”.

With big names like Tanuja Mukerji, Rajniesh Duggall, and director Goldie Behl attached to the show, does it carry an added responsibility to deliver the best and after a brief pause, Nair says, “Yes, with big names comes bigger expectations, but like a well oiled team where everybody is putting in their best, the output will surely find many takers once the show comes up”.

When we talk of period dramas, there are royal sets, outdoor shoots, heavy costumes, elephants and horses, so how much difficult it is to make a period drama as compared to a daily soap, “Yes, this is very tiring as a lot of detailing goes in the making right from costumes to sets to jewellry to our diction, but thanks to a well researched team, things are going in quite smoothly. I need to be really fit since I had to do a lot of stunts and right now I am quite bruised, but at the end of the day when everything goes on smoothly, these bruises hardly make any difference. Plus the makers were looking at someone who knows the South Indian dialect like we have to use the word ‘Appa’ and other such things, so that’s why I was zeroed for the show”, elaborates Nair.

Sharing the chemistry with her co-stars, she says, “Like a warrior princess, I should have a certain body language, plus to match a warring prince, it should be like fireworks when we meet. So to get this right, we underwent a few workshops and things went in place”, she continues.

Elaborating the experience of working with a veteran actress like Tanuja, Nair says, “Tanujaji is playing a priestess in the show with snakes all around her. She is a phataka and a livewire on the sets. She knows my mother well, so the camaraderie with her was quite instant”, laments Nair.
So tune into Star Plus every weekend to unfold the mystery and magic of a royal era as Aarambh is coming your way! n