‘Brand’s communication without strategy will be directionless’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 May 2017 09:32:55

Business Bureau

“Indian scriptures have specified 14 ‘Vidyas’ and 64 arts to be learnt. In this era, marketing and branding however, make up for the 65th art every person must know. Effective branding is a must for creating a success story, whether for one self or for one’s company,” said Dr Vivek Nanoti, Principal of Priyadarshini Institute of Engineering and Technology (PIET) while addressing a session on ‘Low Cost / Smarter Branding’ at VMA.

Adding further, Dr Nanoti said, “The first step to create effective branding is to create an effective brand strategy. Without a strategy, a brand’s communication will not have a direction and might end up being ineffective. The branding of a company, organisation or person must reflect their vision, mission and core values to ensure a uniform and coherent branding across platforms.”

As the Principal of PIET, Dr Nanoti has been actively using all social media platforms to communicate the Institute’s activities, achievements and vision and engage the academic fraternity in dialogue.

He aggressively advocated the need to be present on every social media platform and dedicate time to communicate with followers everyday to create a strong brand image. Despite a change in schedule, the session saw a great turnout. The talk was moderated by Mustafa Maimoon with support from month convenor Rajendra Jindal and documented by Sei Deshpande for VMA archives.

Vidarbha Management Association continously organises sessions for its members and invites people from differerent fields. All the sessions are receiving overwhelming response as they are more informative.