Blend of Upanishads, Anand Lehri in exhibition

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 04 May 2017 11:07:00

The painting exhibition of H Jaydeva, ‘Adhyatma kala’, a visual transformation of vedic lore under the Rupabh series of individual exhibitions presented lores from the Upanishads and Anand Lehri at the Rangdarshini gallery at Bharat Bhawan. The painter in his 60 paintings has brought alive the Upanishads, after a detailed study of the same by himself, which he finds a way to stay close to the utmost spiritual power. The paintings have been done in water colours and oil paints. 

It is believed that there are various Upanishads which have information about the creation of this universe and life, science, spirituality etc. Adi Shankaracharya after studying the Upanishads collected them into 10 upanishads. He created saundarya lehri which worships the goddess. The first part of saundarya lehri is known as ‘anand lehri’. Artist has made 33 paintings on anand lehri, where every painting is based on a particular shlok.Painting displaying scene from Kumar smabhava, titled ‘Divine celebrity’ has also been displayed at the exhibition.

The paintings give reflections on how to choose the path of introspection through spirituality and the yogic practices. His paintings present four series of Viraj, shivganpati, goldengoddess, brihaspati, saptrishi, gayatri, power of prasshakti, the power of goddess on the life of the world, shridevi kataksh mahima, shiv and shivani, spiritual beauty of the goddess, shridevi kataksh mahima, shrisharda parmeshwari kavita mulyadhan and shridevi sanidhya ki mahima etc have been brought alive on the canvas. The exhibition will remain open till May 7.