Another NCERT shocker: Class XII book devotes full page to Naxal praise

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 May 2017 10:51:06

By Kartik Lokhande,

If you felt that the Class X textbook ‘Democratic Politics-II’ prepared by National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) had objectionable content, you are in for a bigger shock. While the Government -- irrespective of political party at the helm of affairs -- has been talking of initiative to counter the propaganda of Maoists, Class XII textbook prepared by NCERT has dedicated a full page to ‘The Naxalite Movement’.

Page number 105 of ‘Politics in India Since Independence’, Textbook in Political Science for Class XII, carries highly objectionable content under the title ‘The Naxalite Movement’. It throws light on ‘peasant uprising’ of Naxalbari in the year 1967, carries a photograph and brief on Charu Majumdar (who led the Naxalbari violence), and also makes comments against the Government itself. There is a paragraph about Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) formed under the leadership of Charu Majumdar which reads, “It (CPI-ML) argued that democracy in India was a sham and decided to adopt a strategy of protracted guerrilla warfare in order to lead a revolution.”

As if it is not enough, the NCERT textbook goes on to follow the line of Naxalite/Maoist ideologues. Read the statement carefully: “In spite of the use of preventive detention and other strong measures adopted by the West Bengal government run by the Congress party, the Naxalite movement did not come to an end. In later years, it spread to many other parts of the country.” It reeks of a conspiracy to project in bad light the Government action against perpetrators of violence.

In the first place, one does not understand the need to incorporate in Class XII textbook a full page on Left Wing Extremists, who are described as the ‘biggest internal security threat to India’. Besides, incorporating such a content in Political Science textbook in school curriculum smells of a deeper conspiracy to emphasise in young minds the Maoist ideologues’ line that Communist Party of India (Maoist) or Naxalites are ‘political entities’. How can one equate the anti-national Maoist/Naxalite terrorists resorting to violence and killing thousands of people including tribals and Dalits across the country, with the democratic political entities? The textbook-setters must be able to answer that.

But, the story does not stop here. There is more on Page number 105 of the said textbook. Stating that about 75 districts in nine states of the country are affected by Naxalite violence, it enlightens the students on what leads to the growth of the Naxalite movement. Read this: “In these areas the sharecroppers, under-tenants and small cultivators are denied their basic rights with regard to security of tenure or their share in produce, payment of wages etc. Forced labour, expropriation of resources by outsiders and exploitation by moneylenders are also common in these areas.

These conditions lead to the growth of the Naxalite movement.” Doesn’t it sound familiar to the statements made by leaders and urban supporters of Left Wing Extremists? It does. NCERT, which is an autonomous organisation set up by the Government of India way back in 1961, has accomodated content that flays the Government also. On the same page, last paragraph reads as follows: “Human right activists have criticised the government for violating constitutional norms in dealing with the Naxalites. Many thousand people have lost their lives in the violence by the Naxalites and the anti-Naxalite violence by the government.”

The textbook, which is available on NCERT website as well as on, is full of such crafty content. In Chapter 7 on ‘Rise of Popular Movements’, there is a section titled ‘Party based movements’. In this section, there is an interesting sentence: “Peasants and agricultural labourers in parts of Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar and adjoining areas continued their agitations under the leadership of the Marxist-Leninist workers; who were known as the Naxalites.”