Roadside water kiosks quenching thirst of pedestrians in Steel city

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 May 2017 10:30:13

Staff Reporter,


With genuine concern for thirsty pedestrian and commuters in scorching summer heat, there are several social organizations and also individuals who are establishing water kiosk (Piyau Ghar) at the side of busy thoroughfares of steel city, Bhilai.

They are like a blessing for thirsty person in hot summer noon, where they can quench their thirst free of cost. They are offering cold water to the thirsty pedestrians while in several water kiosk along with water, sherbet is also offering to the thirsty peoples in this scorching summer season. Some prominent and oldest kiosks are already installed at Civic Centre Crossing, JP Crossing, Near Sector-10 Petrol Bunk, Near Bachat Stambh Sector-1, Supela Traffic Tower and many other places.

The oldest among them seems to be the water kiosk at JP Crossing where the members of Sikh community personally quench the thirst of commuters by distributing them soothing water from matkas. They are not employing any temporary employee for this purpose and are voluntary personally to distribute water among the thirsty pedestrian. Is certainly is a noble initiative on the part of some good Samaritans, who have serious concern regarding the thirsty persons during the blistering summer season.

When ‘The Hitavada’ contacted some persons who are voluntarily rendering service for providing water to the thirsty persons during summer season.

They are undertaking this regress task of distributing water during hot summer noon not for name or fame but only for rendering service for the humanity, which also a peace their own soul, which is the best reward one can have while rendering service.