Train delayed as engine gets ‘wired’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 May 2017 09:47:39

Amravati Bureau,


In a bizarre incident, a train got delayed as its engine got entangled in electric wires between Morshi-Chandur Bazar on Amravati-Narkhed Railway line.

The Kacheguda Express runs on diesel between Walgaon to Narkhed Railway Station as the electricfication work is yet to complete. But the on-going electrification work proved a problem on Thursday morning. As Kacheguda Express heading towards Amravati Railway Station reached Warali village between Morshi-Chandur Bazar Railway Station, electric wires dangling losely entangled the engine.

As soon as the Locopilot realised it he immediately stopped the train. Fortunately, no electric current was passing from the wires.

The electric wire were seperated from the train by Nandu Murhekar, Eletrician from Warud who was travelling by the very train to Amravati and was helped by passengers in his effort. The train has got delayed for some time due to the incident.