‘Samruddhi Marg work to start from October 1’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 May 2017 13:37:11

Staff Reporter,

The expressway will bring prosperity for entire corridor, ensure faster connectivity between Nagpur and Mumbai, said Rajendra Mopalwar, Vice-Chairman and MD of MSRDC

Work on construction of eight-lane expressway, Samruddhi Marg, starts from October 1, while payment of compensation for acquired land starts from next week onwards, said Rajendra Mopalwar, Vice-Chairman and Managing Director, Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) while addressing a press conference at a city hotel on Friday. The ‘Samruddhi Marg’ is going to be a game-changer, he added.

Making a pitch for ‘Samruddhi Marg’, Mopalwar said, the expressway is going to bring along prosperity for entire corridor and also ensure faster connectivity between Nagpur and Mumbai. In between, Samruddhi corridor would bring along economic development for 24 of the 34 rural districts of State through which it is going to pass through.

As to reason for confidence, the MSRDC top official showcased the transformation of Mumbai-Pune corridor post construction of the four-lane expressway. “The springing-up of three to four IT corridors near Pune would not have been possible but for the expressway, and, therefore, we are confident of similarly transforming the area alongside Samruddhi Corridor,” he said.

The aim is to reduce travel time between Nagpur-Mumbai to around six hours as nearly 60 per cent of container traffic passes through JNPT in Mumbai. The project will be completed by the year 2019.

Mopalwar said, it is going to induce tourism as religious circuit would be in offing as travel time between Mumbai-Shirdi, Shirdi-Shegaon and others religious centres would be cut down drastically.

The salient feature of the new Expressway is 22 1/2 metres wide median (the divider) so that in future if need arises, additional two lanes can be constructed instead of going in for further land acquisition. Altogether 10,000 Ha of land is required and joint measurement mechanism once completed the compensation to farmers would be handed out. The land pooling option is still open and available to those farmers who are interested in it, Mopalwar informed.

Joint Managing Directors (Jt.MDs) Kiran Kurundkar and Ulhas Debadwar, Y Mohit Kumar were also present at the press conference.

Samruddhi Corridor to have three air strips!

As per the mandatory policy of Government of India, the new expressway should have five kms long stretches every 150 km where aircraft can make emergency landing. On the Samruddhi corridor, three such nodes would be developed where 55 metres wide roads would be available. Also there would be an underpasses, 400 in number and 300 passes for cattle and men as there would be nearly six metre tall wall through the area from where ‘Samruddhi Marg’ is going to pass. A patch of 80 km from Bhiwandi to Ghoti (Igatpuri) of the ‘Samruddhi Marg’ would be of concrete while other 600 kms would be made of tar. The three strips of five kms each would be constructed using a mix of white cement and tar.

Explaining reason, Rajendra Mopalwar said, since temperatures in Vidarbha and Marathwada region are quite high, it is not feasible to have concrete roads. The reason he, further added, is that the concrete roads would not be feasible for driving as tyres would worn out and prone to bursting due to high temperatures.

The project to cost Rs 38,000 cr

Giving financial details of the ‘Samruddhi Marg’ Rajendra Mopalwar said, total cost of the project is pegged at nearly Rs 38,000 crore and the funds are being raised totally through borrowings. There is no budgetary support for the project. While Rs 5,000 crore are raised by the MSRDC on its balance sheet and rest Rs 5,000 crore are arranged as subsidiary loans from other State Government institutions.

From Banks, MSRDC has raised Rs 30,000 crore. He said, money would be recovered through toll which would be collected through RFID. The expressway would be through corridor ensuring there is no detention even at toll collection through Smart Cards.