Nagpur GMCH to have new hostel to accommodate 250 Residents

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 May 2017 13:28:39

Principal Correspondent,

Government Medical College and Hospital will have a new hostel that will accommodate 250 Residents. Department of Medical Education and Drugs of Maharashtra Government has given approval to the amount of Rs 43.02 crore in that regard.

The hostel building will have ground plus four floors. The proposed amount to set up the hostel was Rs 49.75 crore. The committee at Secretary level had given approval to the amount Rs 43.02 crore.

GMCH presently has one  Resident hostel which is in a bad shape. This old hostel building needs drastic repairing work. Its internal structure too has lot of flaws. There is no availability of proper drinking water. If this hostel is constructed well in time then it would made students to heave a sigh of relief.

Under the able leadership of Dr Abhimanyu Niswade, Dean, GMCH is taking good initiatives. Now the hostel will add feather to its cap.IGGMCH to have new Admin building Medical Education department has given administrative approval to the amount Rs 77.64 crore to set up new administrative building at Indira Gandhi Government Medical College and Hospital (IGGMCH).

 The building will be of ground floor plus 6 stories. Earlier the proposal with an expected expenditure of Rs 92.02 crore was sent to Government. After studying the proposal in detail, Government approved Rs 77.64 crore. It will be constructed on 2 lakh square foot land. Though Chief Secretary has given administrative approval to Rs 77.64 crore as against the proposed Rs 92.02 crore, Government has assured the administration to pay the difference afterwards.

IGGMCH has already have multi-utility building, hostel of 250-capacity, new emergency ward which had taken momentum during the tenure of Dr Prakash Wakode as a Dean. Now the new administrative building will add to its glory.

IGGMCH should outsource loundry work: The present structure of loundary will be demolished for paving the way to new administrative building. In that case IGGMCH should outsource loundary work. 

500-bedded hospital to house IGGMCH: IGGMCH has 250-bedded hospital in its premises. Now 500 beds will be added to it. The new building will be set up near the existing 250- bedded hospital.

IGGMCH Needs hostel: After becoming 150-seat college the need for bigger hostel in IGGMCH has arose. Present hostel can accommodate 500 students but this number will increase. In fact Government had already approved a plan of Ground plus 5 storey but given funds for only Ground plus one floor which is around Rs 12 crore. The total plan is of Rs 54 crore.