Ladies gyms scouting for space in various locations

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 May 2017 10:31:12

By Praveen Vighre WITH changing lifestyle, there has been more stress particularly on ladies who had to share the responsibility of their families.In order to get them selves relief from tension,they are doing lot of scanning on Intenet.They are getting more attracted towards the cardio gym, aerobics, zumba, yoga etc. The city is fullof various insitutes specially designed for ladies which are keeping them healthy. Even, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC)is leaving no stone unturned and introduced the concept of Green Gym.

It had provided workout equipment’s separately for the ladies in garden and parks. Kunda Raut, one of the pioneers in starting dedicated ladies gym in the year 2002 at Friends Colony is helping several ladies to keep them healthy and energetic throughout the day.Talking to The Hitavada she said, “First their was a hesitation among ladies as they had to do workout at a unisex gym.

The timing for ladies were also odd at these gyms. Ladies were not comfortable and hence did not came forward.” She said, “When I started my first gym in the year 2002 for ladies, the strength was just 15, but gradually it started increasing and at present I have total110 ladies doing workout at my Friends Colony Gym.” The demand came from ladies living in Zingabai Takli area and she had to start another gym in March 2017 where in the first month itself 40 ladies are availing the facility.

”Kunda Raut, one of the first ladies gym trainers, is also a Karate Black Belt, represented India in Kick Boxing, and had also participated in motorcycle race. She had taken her training in Pune and Nagpur.“Havinginborn interest towards workouts and sports,I thought women can also do well if given an opportunity. While working with unisex gym as trainer,Ifeltthat women have equal right to be fit, a fit women can keep the family fit, so I launched the ladies gym,” Raut said.

According to her,there was equal need of exercise for both housewives as well as those who are doing job. “Household work gives tiredness, while working women has more mental stress. In both the cases, women need workouts and exercise, which increases their stamina, gives them freshness, good sleep and most important increases energy level and confidence. Physical as well as mental fitness for women is the need of the hour,” she said.

She said, workouts done with interest could be a fun.“It is about getting the maximum benefit with the minimum pain. Try out a few different exercise routines --yoga,aerobics,Zumba,andsee what you like best,” Raut suggested. According to her the attraction for gym and cardio exercise was more as compared to other forms like Aerobics and Zumba. “Womens in age group 30 to 60 years are coming to my gym.

There is equal number of house wife and working women,” Raut said. Dr Richa Jain, dealing in all types of beauty treatments and fitness equipment’s noted that there was an regular increase in the number of ladies towards wellness. “There is a constant increase of ladies in my sliming centre.They have more attraction towards Aerobics but they are also taking cardiogym and doing Yoga. Even I am having regular ladies trainers visiting for new machines for their gym