Government to review order, pay full salary to guest teachers

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 May 2017 14:12:30

Staff Reporter,

For the last some years, the guest teachers worked in month of April for full 30 days even some days in May also, but they are paid salary till April 15 as per the orders issued by the Directorate of Public Instructions. This full work and half pay system has resented by over 40,000 teachers in State. The Education Department is said to review its order and may issue revised order to give full salary of month of April to guest teachers. If the Education Department issues revised orders of salary payment to guest teachers, thousands of guest teachers will be benefited of it across the state. However, in most schools the guest teachers have not been paid and where they have been paid were given only fifteen days’ salary due to which principals of many Government schools had to face ire of guest teachers.

According to information, every year the Government primary, middle and higher secondary schools principals call guest teachers till April-30 or even first week of May due to students’ result related work.

The guest teachers are forced to follow their principals’ order in hope of continuing next year also. But this time, the DPI officers after reviewing their appointment orders and having meeting with principals and head of other schools might pay their remaining salary of 15 more days. Some guest teachers did not attend school even after insisting by the principals by citing Government order of April-15 as they knew that they would not be paid full month’s salary.

When contacted, Neeraj Dubey, Commissioner, Directorate of Public Instructions, said the Education Department appointed guest teachers for teaching so their appointment orders was till April 15. But if the schools call them full month of April, their orders will be reviewed, he said.