Govt gives 24 hours to Zigitza co to get joining of employees unconditionally

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 May 2017 14:58:30

Staff Reporter,

HAVING resented over the stubborn attitude of Zigitza Health Care Company towards 108 Ambulance employees, who were on strike in support of their genuine demands. On Monday, Minister Bhupendra Singh, Assistant Labour Commissioner clearly warned Zigitza Health Care Company to ensure compliance its order within 24 hours otherwise Government will take legal action against the company under the labour law.

On Monday, a delegation of 108 Ambulance employees had reached Labour Commissioner making him aware about the company denying joining of employees unconditionally, then theAssistantLabourCommissioner issued strict order against the company management. This order was addressed to Managing Director Naresh Jain and Chief Executive Officer of the Zigitza Health Care Company.

The warning letter was sent to 108 Ambulance employees Union President Deputy Labour Commissioner, Collector, Commissioner, Labour Commissioner, Indore, Staff Officer, Additional Chief Secretary Labour Department and staff officer Principal Secretary, health besides, Director of National Health Mission. The Assistant Labour Commissioner’s letter stated, “Unfair Labour Practices; under its Law -8—To insist upon individual workmen , who are on a legal strike to sign a conduct bond, as a pre-condition to allow them to resume work. – 12— To recruit workmen during a strike which is not an illegal strike.

Labour Department has considered 108 Ambulance employees’ strike as legal and cited Industrial Dispute Act 1947’s Section 25 (T) in which illegal behaviour with labourers is prevented. The Assistant Labour Commissioner has even declared new recruitment by Zigitza Health Care Company instead of striking employees as illegal.

Letter further said that, company must allow employees who were on strike unconditionally and do not force them to sign on any paper citing conditions.On the other hand, State General Secretary Nitendra Mishra, 108 Ambulance employees union, said a delegation met to Assistant Labour Commissioner. He has issued warning letter to Zigitza Health Care Company to allow striking employees unconditionally within 24 hours, he said