Mayor directs Mudgal to inquire into Bhandewadi Dumping Yard

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 May 2017 11:25:00

Staff Reporter,

Mayor Nanda Jichkar, on Monday, directed Municipal Commissioner Ashwin Mudgal to inquire into Bhandewadi Dumping Yard and held talks with all stake holders even as operations of M/s Hanjer Biotech Energies vis-a-vis role of civic administration came under fire. Senior corporator Abha Pande had given notice for discussion on alleged failure of Hanjer to comply with treating the garbage and NMC decision to foot the electricity bill for former. The issue was discussed at the general body meeting held at Town Hall on Monday.

She brought to notice the violations of norms and asked for clarifications from the administration. Pande also asked as to how civic administration allowed the company to carry on with work despite Hanjer's inability to recycle 800 metric tonnes of garbage as per the agreement. Throughout the period the company could handle only 200 metric tonnes and if this was so who drafted the agreement and did the officials did not know about capacity of Hanjer.

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) member Duneshwar Pethe too joined the discussion as was Tanaji Wanve of Congress. They said the smell emanating from Bhandewadi Dump Yard is becoming unbearable and citizens are living under stressful conditions.

Pethe said the frequent incidents of fire are only adding to prevailing discomfort of citizens and said administration should take note of the situation. Wanve claimed that the continuous dumping of garbage is only making matters worse for the nearby residential colonies.

Pande meanwhile claimed that if company could defend itself and avoid paying of fine then how come NMC despite having battery of legal luminaries could not do so. Also why is administration lenient on Hanjer and why second party was not instantly finalised if one company was unable to treat the garbage.

However even before Pande could make her next move Mayor quickly wrapped-up the meeting by issuing directive to Municipal Commissioner to tour the area and held discussion with corporators of the area and submit a report on entire episode to House.