Mystery deepens around ‘missing’ children of Jabalpur

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 May 2017 14:24:13

Staff Reporter,

IN JABALPUR, 508 kids in year 2016 and 103 children in first quarter of year 2017 went missing. The puzzle is really hard to crack by the Police Department. Reason behind the mystery are many, but for parents of the missing children the pain and agony is unbearable.

Stealing or removing kids from the custody of their legal parents is known as child abduction. As found in breakthrough by GRP Jabalpur on May 2, a gang of 10 including 3 women were indulged in child abduction and luring young girls by promising marriage. The gang used to abduct kids from railway stations. There are various other gangs which are still involved in the act.

Senior police officials informed that few anti-social elements abduct children either for physical or financial gains. As found in many cases, gangs abduct kids for cowardice acts like sexual exploitation, rapes or other physical pleasures, others are stolen for organ trade, prostitution, bounded labour, confined begging, forceful marriage, sacrificing children to please god, rapes, honour killing, ransom and for personal rivalry and others.

Sources also say that these may be the few reasons behind child abduction. Nowadays, police have found that many children run away from homes, natives out of family conflicts, financial crisis or love affairs. Children who run away are found easily in comparison to the children who are kidnapped.

Boys are mostly abducted for bounded labour, organ trade, to sacrifice them for pleading god, honour killing, ransom, confined begging or out of old age rivalries. Girls are mostly abducted for nearly the same reason, along with forceful marriages, sexual exploitation, rapes, prostitution and others.

Police officials said that sometimes, parents sell their own children, make their own girl marry to either one or more than one person over deal of money. In some of the cases, parents, mostly from tribal belts are so innocent that people under a conspiracy lure them with marriage or job promises and they send their children with them which leads to a major mishap.

In accordance to police record quarter of 2016 and 2017, over 105 kids in 2016 and 103 in 2017 disappeared. Number of girls disappeared in 2016 were around 75 out of which 34 girls got rescued and 70 in 2017, out of which 35 girls were saved. Whereas, boys disappeared in 2016 were 30 out of which 18 got rescued and 33 in 2017, out of which 23 got rescued. So the record shows that total number of girls who disappeared are more and are rescued less in both the years.

Police Department informed that most of the children who disappeared are of about 10-18 years. Then comes children from age group 5-10 years and least are of 0-5 years. Number of girls are more than the boys.

Government or Police Department should not only be the one responsible to save children. Citizens need be aware of the issues and make children aware about such incidences. To fight with the issues like rivalries, honour killing, prostitution, sexual assault, bounded labour, confined begging, and other such deadly deeds, our society should stand together like a family for each and every child.