Water pots installed for birds at Navyug Arts and Commerce College

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 May 2017 12:41:34

Staff Reporter,

The garden of green trees always attracts all the birds, water pots were installed for birds at Navyug Arts and Commerce College Jabalpur.

The Principal of Navyug Arts and Commerce College Dr Shobha Singh called upon all the students and professors of college to conduct the awareness campaign at different places to provide water to the birds under 'water pot campaign'. Like every year, this year too, the campaign is being conducted to quench the thirst of birds during summer season.

The birds have assumes higher status in India since ancient period. As the peacock is the national birth of India, Shabul (Dudhraj) is the state bird of Madhya Pradesh, which is why it is our duty to save the thirsty birds by installing water pots at different places thereby earning virtue.

Dr Harishankar Dubey, Dr Sanjay Tiwari, Dr Varsha Sanghi, Dr Reeta Awasthi, Dr Ashok Nayak, Dr Meenakchi Saubhari, Dr Bhavana Tiwari, Mahendra Mishra, Preeti, Dr Aneta Awasthi, Dr Anupama Jayasawal, Nivedita Choubey, R K Bhatt and others were also present on the occasion.

The programme was conducted by NSS officer Dr Harshita Dwivedi. She also proposed vote of thanks.