For the love of Shri Krishna

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Jun 2017 13:02:29


Dressed in all finery, carrying a small flute in his hand, he walks in confidently. And one can’t but help murmur, ‘how cute!’ Even as you wonder what can a four-year old say to the press, he picks up the mike and in a very assertive voice says, “Hello, My name is Nirnay Samadhiya and I am going to play Krishna in a serial on & TV that will be premiere on June 19, at 8.30 pm, Monday to Friday.”

You are awestruck and the amazement continues when he introduces his Yashoda Ma. And surprise of surprise, he gets up, pulls Yashoda Ma and the duo enact a scene in front of the audience. You, along with others, applaud this small wonder who will be essaying the role of natkhat Krishna in the serial Paramavatar Shri Krishna. His dialogue delivery is crystal clear and he doesn’t hesitate a bit in front of a crowd, most of whom are furiously clicking pictures of the small wonder. Talking about his audition, he states, “I was selected from among 200 children. But the selectors took a very long time to finalise the actor.”

When the laughter dies down, he narrates about how he came to be a player in the world of entertainment. “I used to dance in my colony and after one show everyone in the township started calling me ‘township ka hero’. So my mother put me in an acting school.”

Deepali, his mother, a dentist by profession, is indulgently watching her ward from the sides. She laughingly reveals that the super-talkative kid doesn’t allow the parents to open their mouths. “He introduces himself, he introduces us and he has the natural ability to start a conversation with anyone.” After his acting workshop, Nirnay auditioned for Sabse Bala Kalakar on Sony TV. His talent was noticed and within no time the Samadhiya’s got a call from &TV as they wanted Nirnay to audition for Krishna’s role. “And here he is, in front of you,” says a proud mother. The Samadhiya’s hail from Indore and Nirnay’s father Amit is a Judge in MP. Like most kids his age, Nirnay’s favourite cartoon is Pokemon, and his favourite hero is Salman Khan. So get ready to fall in love with the naughty little Krishna and his leela’s on & TV.