Rebels without a cause

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Jun 2017 13:08:59


- Vijay Phanshikar


YOU can find them in many, many homes. They are young. They are angry. They are ready to argue. They love to ‘back-answer’. They love to ignore others. They live for themselves. They live in the family, but are not part of it strictly speaking. They claim all privileges, but shun all responsibilities. They want the family to listen to them, but they do not care a damn when the family expects them to do something in a certain
They are the rebels in the family, but rebels without a cause.
All these great people -- boys or even girls -- are tantalisingly young, full of energy, full of dreams! Yet, in many cases, their eyes do not shine with dreams. Their faces are not aglow with confidence. In many, many cases, they look dull and tired and even bored and move like zombies, so to say.  Of course, as we read all this, we recognise these rebels without a cause in our own families and in other homes.
But nevertheless, these young people are a universal phenomenon. They are found everywhere, in all countries and communities, in all cultures and societies. And that is because they are young -- very young -- and are not habituated to thinking. Of course, they do have thoughts about themselves and about the world, but they are not used to thinking. So, whatever they have by way of thoughts is rigid, unwilling to change and even unwilling to listen to what others may be saying.
Most of these rebels without a cause are adolescents, physically growing but mentally still in childhood. Thus, they offer a strange combination of
growing bodies and minds
lagging behind. And this gap they do not know how to negotiate. That generally leaves them somewhat irritated. So, to satiate that irritation, they rebel -- against the family establishment, they refuse to listen to the elders, follow the family norm, mix socially with family-friends, wear acceptable clothes or acceptable
In their rebellion against the norm, against the family and society establishment, these young people do strange things. They do not bathe regularly. They do not wash their clothes regularly. They do not visit the hair-dresser regularly. They do not eat regularly. They do not go to bed in time and rise next morning in right time.
Such people have been there for time immemorial. Yet, of late, a new breed of these rebels without a cause has come alive. This is the internet generation, addicted to their computers, to mobile sets, to internet, to various apps, to various websites (many of which are absolutely undesirable). This generation does not like to go to bed at all, so keeps up with their mobiles or computers almost through the night. The next day then, they live with reddened eyes and irritated minds.
But they do not mind any of these. As per their idea of living, this is all an integral part of being. And all of them believe that their parents do not understand anything of all that. Actually, they believe that their parents are idiots.
There is a flip side also to all this. All these rebels without a cause generally undergo a massive transformation in some years, and change to such an extent that they leave no trace of the rebellion behind in their personalities. In fact, in most cases, they do not even remember that they were such a nuisance with their rebellion without a cause.
Of course, this does not happen in every case. In many cases, the guys and gals go totally wasted. They spoil their health and habit and head and heart to such an extent that no redemption is possible in a true sense.  And that is, and should be, the real worry for the elders in their homes.
For such people, there is only one prayer: God, bless them!