Perception about freedom

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Jun 2017 13:02:23


Freedom is an entirely personal experience. One’s attitude to one’s own human ‘condition’ is one that is defined exclusively by perception and understanding. It is well documented in journals detailing the complexities of human understanding that our individual perceptions differ wildly from those of our peers. The reasons for this are social, economic, psychological and cultural, but the role of freedom is inherently necessary to understanding the world and one’s place within it.

Psychologically, freedom is either a liberation or (rather ironically) an isolation in the minds of an average person. Whether one sees the world as their oyster to be moulded to their world view or as a monolithic whole of which we are all a part is subjective to the personality one has. Regardless, freedom is a vital part of human psychology. Half the population spends their entire lives searching for the means to maximise their freedom to the values they have subscribed too and others, build their values on the basis of their freedom. This distinction is unavoidable and is one of the many factors that make human beings so different to other animals.

I fall rather plainly into the camp of those who see freedom as the single most liberating reality of life. Pointless though it all my seem; ultimately it is the inherent meaninglessness of existence that allows man to be truly free. The only reality to which we are eternally condemned, is that of freedom. A challenge and pleasure that is to be undertaken by each individual differently. A society that functions on freedom need not be selfish, nor uniformed. Freedom is the hallmark of human collaboration and success.
Nikhil Nimbalkar