The art of mind control

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Jun 2017 13:06:48


Change your life today’s don’t gumble on the future act now without delay. Mind is the only which can take you anywhere placebo effect that doctor are using to control the mind psycho neuroimmune neurological system is proportional to immune system if you are able to control the mind you can do great things you don’t have to control mind you only have to engage your mind.

Structured pattered of thinking gets you what you what in life takes you where you want to be accidental pattern get you mostly what you don’t want in life mind it you are not leading your life your incidents are leading your life you are somewhere stopped by past incident and because of which you try to change your mindset and reaction toward looking it. Don’t notice if you lose in that incident or won accept what you get and this is the only rule of life if you have 70%negative going on don’t forget 20%positive in still waiting for you grab out this 20% live to the fullest everything depend on how you look at it you are programmed until you programme a new programme for yourself.

Negative attitude into positive attitude is most important thing for growth and success. Attitude comes through the seed of the flow of desire, higher if you go in any department people are using 90% attitude 10%skill like CEO. Labour and worker are using 10%attitude and 90% skill, here ever you focus life get zommedin creative alternative thinking patterns of replacement.

‘Bhagavatgita’ chapter 2.59 ‘visayavinivartanteniraharasyadehinah rasa varjan rasa pyasyadrstvanivartate’ above shlok says, you have to develop a higher taste to discard the lower one this is called alternative thinking philosophy when you get stuck in any situation do not get damped too easily create new roots for yourself create new option for yourself create new choice for yourself create new creation for yourself create new alternatives for yourself ‘vitarkabadhanepratipakshbhavanam’ allow yourself to think differently allow yourself to think in a new creative pattern allow yourself to have new flow of desire set the pattern of your existing pattern take a decision to process dissolve this existing pattern replace and reforce a new pattern if you try to be best you will be number one if you try to be unique, you will be the only one.

Problems in life are not problem considering the problem as a problem is the biggest problem.
Massive action +new option=success belive in hard work desire and in yourself remove the word called ‘Nashib’ from your dictionary there is no problem in committing a mistake but never comment the same mistake twice when you focus on problem you lose the goal when you focus on goals you lose problem don’t change goal change strategy when you stretch your limit your limit will expand when you further stretch your expanded limit your expanded limit will expand. You will get endless limit low thinking and pain in leg do not let people move further millionaire in 2020 will no be the one who will create number set but those who will create mindset behind number set you don’t need to change your situation you need to change only mindset.

History has demonstrated to the mostnoticable winner usually uncountered heart breaking obstacle before they triumph they won before they refused to become discouraged by their defeats as winner tread on the path to success they face many obstacle to success .

Obstacles to success are fear, result in insecurity, lack of confidence and procrastination this is due to lack of understanding reason for not achieving excellence is lack of vision limited vision if you want to be winner don’t be bounded in any habit be adjustable.

Just go on… one more thing I would like to say to today’s youth don’t waste half of your life in breakup and patch ups. Because of this few minutes attraction and attachment don’t move away from your vision use your mind and mindset for betterment of future its natures rule at specific point only you will get right things don’t waste time unnecessary behind temporary feelings.control things instead of letting them control you introduce new vitality into your corporate culture build trust and loyalty you will definitely get want you want just have patience be calm the right thing at right time will approach you. What you will get will be 10 times much admirable and finally will become permanent part of your life.

Don’t run behind anything unnecessary and at wrong time first make your own time work first have attitude + ambition+ action think twice thrice why you are born what’s your mission and your parents vision notice no boy or a girl can love you more then your own parents first learn to stand on your own feet. Mind can make you and help you to play any game so instead to doing emotional temporary planning work so permanent planning.

Priyanka Bagde
G H Raisoni College