Need to bring in big reforms in higher education: Pawar

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 14 Jun 2017 09:46:22


Business Bureau,

EVERY education system, which has evolved in the world whether it is traditional or radical, has its advantages and drawbacks. In order to do away with the drawbacks, universities have started thinking about the future and giving direction to their education systems.

“Similarly, NIIT University (NU) has shortlisted specific core areas for improvement by bringing in big bang reforms to its education system,” said Rajendra Pawar, Founder of NIIT University (NU) and Chairman of NIIT Limited, while talking with The Hitavada on the sidelines of the seminar for engineering aspirants organised by NU on Tuesday in Nagpur.
The first core area that NU thought of was the linkage with industry. Linkage in terms of what universities required from industry and vice versa, he said.

Secondly, NU had introduced the latest in technology in education. Having a technology base since 36 years through NIIT Limited would allow efficiency of teaching and administration. The third area was the need to increase curiosity among students. “The present education system is suppressing curiosity among students. We need to revive curiosity among the students,” he noted.

The fourth core area was bringing in seamlessness among multiple disciplines. NU had also merged multiple subjects in its curriculum to provide broader view of subject. This would also meet future needs of the industry. Students of the future had to be trained in multiple disiplines and be in touch with various sections of the society, in harmony with nature, environment, etc. “Higher education in India requires a lot of reforms,” he pointed out. Also present were Prof V S Rao, President of NU and Rina Sinha, Director of Orangecity Education and Training Services Pvt Ltd, a licensee of NIIT Ltd.