Study all about Renewable Energy at RETM

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 19 Jun 2017 11:16:21


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It is the only institute in Central India that offers such a course that gives its students a detailed study environment

With the world facing an energy crisis and the effects of climate change looming large, renewable energy studies and applications are set to play an extremely important role. This has resulted in an increased demand for specialists and engineers in renewable energy. Sector holds has great career prospects to establish oneself as an Engineer, Researcher, Entrepreneur, Advisor, Energy Auditor, Trainer, Site Specialist and many more.

Pt Ravishankar Shukla University is one among very few institutes of India which is offering a structured programme to cover the diverse range of issues in this sector. As per Dr Sanjay Tiwari, Coordinator Renewable Energy Technology & Management (RETM), this undergraduate B Voc course is entirely different from all other UG programme running in India as it gives flexibility to the students by means of pre-defined entry and multiple exit points. Student can drop and at various levels by completing grade points which is
designated as NSQF level as defined by Qualification framework established under UGC.

Institute prides itself to possess one of the best lab facility for renewable energy sector which comprise of Wind Energy setup, Solar Thermal setup, Photovoltaic setup, Dual Axis Concentrator system, Energy storage system, off grid single phase solar based power generation system, Vegetable dryer, Solar water purifier and much more facilities. Students here perform, learn to generate, utilize and harvest energy from non-conventional energy sources, said Tiwari.

It is definitely green energy, pollution free that means we can suffice our requirements without adding pollutants in environment and ultimately we are making this world a much better place to live by emphasizing the usage of green energy.Institute focuses more on the content of course study material which makes the students Industry ready by bridging the gap between industry and institute which is achieved by understanding the current requirements of industry in a candidate and for the reason institute has done many collaborations. Few of them is with CREDA (State nodal agency for Renewable Energy), Raipur, M/s. Ecosense Sustainable Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi, M/s kWatt Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai etc.

The nation has a target to achieve 175 GW of power to be generated from renewable source by 2022 out of which only 57.24 GW only has achieved till and way to go as of now even, which provides lots and lots of opportunity for installers, entrepreneurs and later on maintenance engineers to grow, concluded Tiwari.