Integrated hub must for growth of pharma sector: VIA

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 27 Jun 2017 12:52:17


Business Bureau,

Demand for an integrated pharma hub in region was prominently raised by some of the prominent drug manufacturers while giving suggestions to the State Government with an objective to give impetus to the industrial development of Vidarbha. The drug manufacturers underscored the need that the Government should make a hub and provide world-class facilities for research, manufacturing and distribution of pharma products.

Ravleen Khurana, member of the core committee of Vidarbha Industries Association and former Secretary of Vidarbha Drug Manufacturers Association, said, the Government will have to create modern facilities to attract pharma companies in Vidarbha.
“For developing pharma sector in Vidarbha, we need good facilities for research and development work. Manufacturers need incentives at par with those offered by other states in the country. Besides, the companies will also require ideal platform for marketing,” he said.

Khurana said, the Government should take strong measures to stop migration of pharma companies from the State. “Two to three years back, majority of the country’s pharma companies had their manufacturing facilities in Maharashtra. But as the states like Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Gujarat started offering incentives to the companies, they shifted their base. Over a period of 25 years, more than 50 per cent of the pharma companies have moved out of the State,” he said.

Khurana said, some of the states were offering special packages including land at concessional rates and attracting huge investments in the sector. “But it is not happening in Maharashtra,” he pointed out.

Faiz Vali, another VIA core committee member, said that the Government will have to give preference to local manufacturers while doing bulk procurement. “State Government is one of the major buyers of drugs and thus while doing the procurement, it should reserve certain quantity to be purchased from the local players. It will give big boost to the local manufacturers,” he said.

Vali said, Government should highlight the strategic location of Vidarbha region - especially Nagpur while attracting investment. “After implementation of GST, there will be uniformity in taxes and thus manufacturers will no longer get attracted to places like Baddi in Himachal Pradesh. On the contrary, they will prefer cities like Nagpur due to its strategic location and well-connectivity by rail and road. However, we need to market these special features at national and international levels,” he said. There are nearly 14 pharmacy colleges in Nagpur which are churning out skilled manpower.