Source: The Hitavada      Date: 27 Jun 2017 15:26:15









He is omnipresent, and almost omniscient -- in the sense he seems to know what the rival is about to do. He had showed promise even earlier.


But consistent exposure to international encounters of the past couple of years has added a new fillip to the young man’s ability to deliver. The remarkable and marked improvement in his strokeplay over the past few campaigns has already made the world sit up and take notice. What is now in evidence is a terrific build-up of value and virtue in his game. Time belongs to him.


THE Indian Medical Association (IMA) must be thanked for acknowledging the fact that liquor consumption has increased among doctors and many of them have become addicts. Concerned over this, the IMA has issued an advisory to doctors suggesting a ‘safe limit’ of consumption-18 ml for male doctors and 9 ml for women doctors.

However, we would like to go a step ahead and urge doctors not to drink liquor at all. The IMA has rightly said that doctors have a responsibility to practice what they preach to patients on leading a healthy lifestyle. A doctor drinking liquor loses moral right to advice patient from not hitting the bottle. Doctor drinking liquor shakes the confidence of the patient in him.

More dangerous effect of drinking liquor is that it affects the sensibilities of the person. He also loses his control over the body. Doctors must always remain mentally and physically fit to save the lives of the people . Even ‘safe limit’ of liquor, suggested by the IMA, is unacceptable. Doctors must always stay away from drinking liquor.