Poetry Corner

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 27 Jun 2017 14:15:16


Escape from the things you hate ,
Escape from the world full of slays,
But you can’t escape from the stars
and the sky above,
You can’t escape from the sun,
moon and the heaven above ,
You can escape from the problems,
You can’t escape from yourself by not facing the reality ,
It’s your choice that you escape
from the difficulties or you face them ,
It’s your choice to be a winner or escaper again

Riya Ludhwani

What to be proud about…

You commented at her
When she was in her skirts,
For you it was funny but
Inside she’s hurts...
You whistle, sing songs and
Laugh aloud a lot..
She might be quite, still cry and think,
“I wish i could have fought”.
Its her choice that makes her comfortable,
And who are you to tell?
About her pride,she has to hide,
Cause the roads are just as the hell...
Just imagine if you can,
If it would have happen with your girl.
Or somewhere your own
Sister would be the victim,
You must feel ashame while looking at them,
Like the way you cant let anyone look at you daughter.
Its not the problem with her outfits but,
It matters your thinking which is getting shorter..
We talk about modernization,
Scream loud about the country’s growth..
But what to proud about for the nation
where the character of a girl
is decided by her cloths.

Ankita Bambole
4th Sem CSE
J D College of Engineering
& Management Nagpur

The Traveller

It was long long ago
In the deserts of the west
A boy was on a go
For him night was the best
At night he used to see
And even talk with God
Fluently passing by thee
In every person searched the God
As he constantly moved
At last deserts were over
Now like the wind he moved
But his search for God was not over
Lastly he reached by the shore of a sea
Peeping from within
was the God he used to see


Shreyas Lakhe
GHRCE, Nagpur




We meet often, in the silence of the nights
When the world is celebrating slumber,
we explore our internal fights
She pours malifluously, protecting me like a mother
Making sure I am not alone,
reassuring we have one another
The realm of her cheerful laughter
penetrates the cacophonous solitude
And I find my peace in her mild embrace,
in great magnitude
She speaks to me, doesn't have to use any words
to reach my soul
She washes my vulnerabilities away with herself,
leaving me fresh and bold
With her, I am not alone,
she walks with me in ripples
Dissolving within herself the tears that I cry;
like me she is subtle
And when the sound of thoughts
become loud echoes hemorrhaging my head,
She makes the world a little more bearable,
a little softer my bed
Watching her pour, I go in a haze,
my eyelids finally drooping.
She becomes my lullaby,
filling my lungs
with pertichor I am breathing
It makes me lightheaded,
losing myself in her soulful fragrance.
Resolution to my insomnia,
she is my panacea, the rain.


Trupti Parker